¡MIRA! REU Internship Student

REU Student Intern Marian Yadira Jimenez stands in front of colorful mural.

From “Biomedical Engineer in the Making: Marian Jimenez Found New Possibilities at Pima” “After going through a nail-biting process, she was invited to complete her REUinternship at NAU’s Center for Material Interfaces in Research Applications (¡MIRA!) in summer2022. Moving out of Tucson for the first time, Marian wasn’t sure if she’d fit in or how she’d […]

What’s new in ¡MIRA!

close-up of lab materials on lab table

For decades, investments have been made toward increasing the diversity of STEM students and professionals through education, outreach, and other strategies.  Unfortunately, these efforts have not resulted in degrees attained or professional workforces that reflect the demographics of our nation, southwest region, or state.  ¡MIRA! was created as a disruptive force in STEM, removing barriers […]

¡MIRA! Students and Professors use the “weird” in quantum computing to answer hard questions

Portrait of Taylor Begaye smiling in front of computer

Zeros and ones, qubits, superpositions, quantum photonics, entanglements, subatomic particles, artificial molecules; all terms that can sound like a foreign language—and that is because, in some sense, the world of quantum computing is. Ph.D. students Jaime Diaz and Taylor Begay-Wilson worked on a project in Bertrand Cambou’s class using IBM’s open software development kit, called qiskit, to better understand quantum computing and […]

Native American Heritage Month

The Native American Cultural Center (NACC) has provided a home and support system for Indigenous students at NAU for the past decade. The university’s desire to continue serving Native American communities has brought more than 1,500 students from over 115 tribes to NAU.  Every November, the NACC joins with the Office of Indigenous Student Success (OISS) to celebrate Native American Heritage […]