¡MIRA! Students and Professors use the “weird” in quantum computing to answer hard questions
Portrait of Taylor Begaye smiling in front of computer

portrait of Tyler Begay smiling in front of computer

Zeros and ones, qubits, superpositions, quantum photonics, entanglements, subatomic particles, artificial molecules; all terms that can sound like a foreign language—and that is because, in some sense, the world of quantum computing is.

Ph.D. students Jaime Diaz and Taylor Begay-Wilson worked on a project in Bertrand Cambou’s class using IBM’s open software development kit, called qiskit, to better understand quantum computing and its concepts such as qubits—a unit of measurement for information storage in quantum computing for two distinct types of research in this emerging field. It started when IBM, one of the largest technology corporations in the world, delivered a seminar in Cambou’s class and opened the door for students to do coding work with IBM.

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