Quantum technology will change our world! ¡MIRA! is proud to be a partner in the new Center for Quantum Networks (CQN)). CQN aims to lay the foundation of the quantum internet, which will revolutionize how humankind computes, communicates and senses the world. As a means to introduce a broader audience to the fascinating and mind-boggling world of quantum science, CQN recently implemented SparCQS!

SparCQS – Sparking Curiosity in Quantum Science – brings the world of science to our communities’ front doors. SPARCQS takes ‘hand’s on’ quantum science experiences to schools and communities, providing students with the opportunity to observe engaging demonstrations, perform experiments, learn about career opportunities in STEM, and most importantly – have fun with quantum science! 

The idea behind SparCQS is to facilitate meaningful outreach that does exactly that—it reaches OUT! Mobile STEM laboratories have been shown to successfully promote active engagement with hands-on learning by providing students and communities alike with access to sophisticated laboratory tools and research.  We are doing just that for Northern Arizona!

All donations will directly support SparCQS activities. Currently on our wish list are a quantum eraser demo, add-ons to our BB84 demo to allow more students to experience the principle of quantum key distribution, and an ID Card Printer/Photo ID bundle to create Quantum Scientist IDs for participants.