Research Areas

From polymer engineering to computer science research

student looks at physics materials
Professor Cambou shows a green hard drive

¡MIRA! is a center devoted to collaborative and interdisciplinary research. Our faculty have appointments in six different departments or programs, spanning two different colleges. These core and affiliated center members are active in the research areas below and not only collaborate with other center members and their students, but the faculty of NAU and our broader scientific community interested in collaborative materials research. Those internal collaborations are promoted by exploratory research proposals, intended to drive high-risk high-reward science which is expected to contribute to expanding NAU’s footprint in research and the student experience.   We encourage you to examine our capabilities and to reach out for collaborations!


Quantum Materials: materials synthesis, computing, photonics

Hard Materials: chiral molecules, nanoclusters, inorganic materials, shape memory alloys

Soft Materials: biomaterials, polymers, nanoclusters, lipids, viral assemblies, ionic liquids

Advanced Materials Characterization: computation, force, electron, holography

Device Integration: capacitors, sensor