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Stephanie Hurst

Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry

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I am interested in the design and creation of unique inorganic and organometallic complexes with an emphasis on functional transition-metal systems with p-delocalization. Multi-metallic systems that contain platinum and palladium may have with applications for energy transfer and catalysis. My group actively explores new how modified material surfaces, including tungsten selenide (WSe2) and other dimetal chalcogenides may be altered by surface functionalization. Such systems are competitive with diamond nitrogen vacancy materials as possible sources for entangled qubits. Such “quantum materials” will be critical for the development of entangled quantum states that will be key to the development of entirely new branches of quantum based computations.


Post-Doctoral Fellow (Chemistry): Chemistry Department, Montana State U

Post-Doctoral Fellow (Chemistry): Chemistry Department, University of Miami

Doctoral Degree (Chemistry): Australian National University

B. App. Sci.,  (Chemistry) : University of Western Sydney