Miguel Jose Yacaman


Dr Jose Yacaman’s research is very broad and had made contributions in several fields of Physics, Materials science and Nanotechnology .One of the focus of his research has been the correlation of structure and properties in nanomaterials. He has developed Electron microscope methods to study nanoparticles and 2-D materials. He has published more than 550 papers in peer review journals. During his career he supervised around 100 graduate students and Postdoctoral fellows. His present interest is to develop the nanoscale equivalent of High Entropy Alloys and to develop new catalysts to produce cleaner fuels.

Internationallyrecognizedscholar in Electron Diffraction and Microscopyand Nanotechnologyand Materials Science, as demonstrated by selection as “Fellow”ofMicroscopy Society of America,Materials Research Society (MRS),American Association for the Advancement of Science(AAAS), and others.Honored with physics andmaterialsscience societyawards such asthe Bouchet and Wheatley awards of the American Physical Society and the Mehlaward of TheMetalsand Materials Society. Respected mentor anduniversity teacherthatenjoys and continues to teach a spectrum ofclasses fromundergraduate fundamental physics to graduate courses in thermodynamics and nanoscience, receivingnational recognition for that teaching and the mentoringof historically minoritized science students (e.g.Distinguished Scientist Award, Society for Advancement of Chicanos/Hispanics and Native Americans in Science(SACNAS)).A highly interdisciplinaryscientist with broad reach outside of his two primary disciplines, as demonstrated by his collaborationsthatspanfrom Alzheimer’sdisease mitigation with biologists, antibacterial materialsand new COVID detection schemedevelopmentwith microbiologists, to finallythe teaming with artists and world renowned sculptors to translate modern science concepts into art.

Most cited publications

Morones, J.R., et al., The bactericidal effect of silver nanoparticles. Nanotechnology, 2005. 16(10): p. 2346-2353.Citations 6074 [Field of Biological Applications of Materials Science]

Elechiguerra, J.L., et al., Interaction of silver nanoparticles with HIV-1. Journal of nanobiotechnology, 2005. 3: p. 6-6. Citations 1672 [Field of Biological Applications of Materials Science]

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Fei, H., et al., Atomic cobalt on nitrogen-doped graphene for hydrogen generation. Nature Communications, 2015. 6. Citations 833 [Field of Research Solid Sate Physics ]

Recent publications

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A Nevarez-Rascón, A Hurtado-Macías, HE Esparza-Ponce, …Nano-structured hydroxyapatite and titanium dioxide enriching PENTA/UDMA adhesive as aesthetic coating for tooth enamel, Dental Materials (2021)

O Morelos-Santos, AIR de la Torre, P Schacht-Hernández, …, NiFe2O4 nanocatalyst for heavy crude oil upgrading in low hydrogen/feedstock ratio, Catalysis Today 360, 20-26 (2021)

P Horta-Fraijo, E Smolentseva, A Simakov, M José-Yacaman, B Acosta, Ag nanoparticles in A4 zeolite as efficient catalysts for the 4-nitrophenol reduction, Microporous and Mesoporous Materials 312, 110707 (2021)

JA Hernandez, LF Fonseca, MT Pettes, M Jose-Yacaman, Thermoelectric properties of antimony selenide hexagonal nanotubes, Nanotechnology 32 (9), 095705 (2020)

A Ponce, JA Aguilar, J Tate, MJ Yacamán, Advances in the electron diffraction characterization of atomic clusters and nanoparticles, Nanoscale Advances (2020)

JE Samaniego-Benitez, R Mendoza-Cruz, L Bazán-Díaz, A Garcia-Garcia, …Synthesis and structural characterization of MoS2 micropyramids, Journal of Materials Science 55, 12203-12213 (2020)

Jennifer S. Martinez Professor, Applied Physics and Materials Science Director, Center for Materials Interfaces in Research and Applications Northern Arizona University

Miguel Jose Yacaman

Regents Professor, Applied Physics and Materials Science

Contact Information

phone: (928) 523-5518

email: Miguel.yacaman@nau.edu

office: Science and Health Building, Room 325

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Awards and Honors

Fellow of the Materials Research Society, 2019

Fellow of The American Vacuum Society, 2019

Edward Bouchet Award, American Physical Society, 2017

SCOPUS-Elsevier award for the most cited Latin American Scientist, 2015

Doctor Honoris Causa, Universidad de Córdoba, Argentina, 2015

Fellow of the Microscopy Society of America, 2015

Distinguished Scientist Award, Society for the Advancement of Chicanos/Hispanics and Native Americans in Science (SACNAS), 2014

John Wheatley Award of the American Physical Society, 2011

Fellow of the American Association for the Advanced of the Science (AAAS), 2009

Fellow of the American Physical Society, 1995

Professional Experience

Professor, Department of Applied Physics and Materials Science, Northern Arizona University (2019-current)

Faculty, Center for Materials Interfaces in Research and Applications (¡MIRA!), Northern Arizona University (2019-current)

Professor and Department Chair, Department of Physics and Astronomy, The University of Texas at San Antonio. (2008-2019)

Director, International Centre for Nanotechnology and Advanced Materials (ICNAM), The University of Texas at San Antonio. (2008-2019)

Director, International Centre for Nanotechnology and Advanced Materials (ICNAM), The University of Texas at Austin. (2004-2008)

Reese Professor in Engineering, Department of Chemical Engineering. The University of Texas at Austin. (2001-2008)