headshot of Gregory Uyeda

Gregory Uyeda

Laboratory/Research Faculty Administration Manager
Applied Physics and Materials Science

Contact Information

phone: (928) 523-2625

email: Gregory.Uyeda@nau.edu

office: Science and Health Building, room 326


  • Ph.D., Chemistry, Arizona State University
  • B.S., Chemistry, University of Hawaii at Manoa


My research work involves developing applications using scanning probe microscopy, optical microscopy, and spectroscopic techniques to support the research interests of the members of the Materials Interfaces in Research and Applications research center. 

A key current interest is the development of a library of chemistries and methods that can be used to achieve surfaces that are defined in the three dimensions of space and additional dimensions of chemical functionality.

An additional interest is the development of a multi-modal microscope platform capable of utilizing scanning probe, optical, and digital holography techniques for the characterization and manipulation of surfaces created via the methods described above. Interfaces in Research and Applications (¡MIRA!). In collaboration with Prof. Gabriel Montaño and Dr. Greg Uyeda, Prof. Rush maintains an atomic force microscopy/scanning probe microscopy lab.