Using the Force: Force microscopy research nets Ph.D. student a scholarship—and a job—with DOD 
Grad student looks at two apparatus


Jorge Muñoz, a scientist with a beard and glasses, poses with his arms crossed in a well-lit science lab.¡MIRA! PhD student Jorge Muñoz receives DoD Fellowship!

From the article:

“Muñoz’s research is focused on using a type of microscope, called an Atomic Force Microscope (AFM), to measure materials properties with extremely high-resolution. The approaches he is utilizing and developing allow him to interrogate a variety of materials ranging from artificial aneurysm models to reRAM technology because they allow him to probe much smaller than the limit of typical optical microscopes.  To be able to interrogate such systems, Muñoz is not just using existing technologies, but developing his own technology along the way in the form of probe design.”

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