New climate questions (and answers)

How have feats of human engineering interacted with the climate, and how might they help address climate warming in the future? Assistant professor of anthropology Alder Keleman Saxena and assistant professor of mechanical engineering Jennifer Wade will address these and other questions in the virtual conversation “Feral Ecologies, Carbon Removal,” taking place at 1 p.m. MST Wednesday. Keleman Saxena and Wade, the […]

Cambou receives award from Intel Corportation to look at protecting the mass memory of the IOT with on-demand generation of session keys.

In one of the first major collaborations of its kind between Intel Corporation and NAU, Dr. Bertrand Cambou successfully obtained funding to support a research project aimed at the development, and validation, of practical schemes targeting the weaker link of the industrial IoT solutions requiring high tamper resistance.  As a part of this research funding, […]

Dr. Cambou & Ph.D. student Saloni Jain paper accepted into Applied Science journal!

Dr. Bertrand Cambou and Ph.D. student Saloni Jain co-authored a paper that was just accepted for publication in the Applied Science magazine of MDPI. The title of the paper is “Key recovery for content protection using ternary PUFs designed with pre-formed ReRAM.”  Look out for it in the Computing and Artificial Intelligence section soon. Congrats […]

Grad Student Jorge Muñoz named DoD SMART Scholarship-for-Service program semifinalist

One of ¡MIRA!'s awesome graduate students, Jorge Muñoz has been selected as a semi-finalist in the DoD's SMART Scholarship-for Service program. This program supports students to pursue their education in some of the leading STEM fields that are currently in high demand by the government. The program offers scholarships for bachelors, masters and PhD students […]