• ¡MIRA! Scholars Application OFFICE HOURS

    Confused about the Scholars application? Come to our office hours and let us teach you how to complete it!

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  • Celebrating Native American Heritage Month

    NAU and ¡MIRA! celebrate Native American Heritage Month. The Native American Cultural Center and the the Office of Indigenous Student Success will be hosting events all month, join us.

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  • ¡MIRA! Scholars

    ¡MIRA! Scholars application now open! Apply to receive a fully paid research internship in a ¡MIRA! faculty lab.

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  • SACNAS 2021 Fellowships Awarded

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  • Device Integration

  • Quantum materials

    ¡MIRA! research in quantum materials focuses on emergent quantum behavior of traditional and novel quantum optic materials as well as materials development for quantum computing and associated cybersecurity research

  • Summer internships for undergraduates

    ¡MIRA! has joined NCI-SW (Nanotechnology Collaborative Infrastructure Southwest) a NSF funded project. Come work in our ¡MIRA! lab in nanotechnology

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  • Nanoclusters

    Nanoclusters are collections of a few atoms of metal, and can be used as biosensors or catalysts.

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  • soft and biological materials

    ¡MIRA!s graduate student Jorge Muñoz' research is focused on multi-scale assembly of biological inspired materials and their characterization by AFM.

  • High School Student Opportunities

    ¡MIRA! has opportunities for students of all ages, here high school students. Check out NAU C.A.R.E. (Cultural and Academic Research Experience).

    NAU C.A.R.E.
  • active matter

    ¡MIRA! graduate student John Castañeda's research focuses on active matter: designing self- propelled materials that mimic the coordinated movements seen in fish.

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  • translational materials in medicine

    Our materials range in function from new arterial grafts to the vaccine carriers that Christine Pedersen is developing


Materials Science is a transdisciplinary field spanning medicine, physics, chemistry, to engineering. Materials Science makes an impact: from saving the environment, bringing renewable energy technologies to market, to creating new materials for medicine.

Culture meets STEM

¡MIRA! Regent's Prof. Yacaman "Maya blue paint: an ancient nanostructured material"


¡MIRA! faculty are diverse (50% under represented minority/50% women) and we created a center that is as equally good at creating world-class materials, as nurturing a world-class diverse workforce. We recognize our multicultural surroundings, and that resonates in our science. Come join ¡MIRA!, and bring your whole self!

¡MIRA! is a Materials Science research & diversity center.

¡MIRA! is one of a kind

Come join our family, we have research opportunities for high school, undergraduate and graduate students, and postdocs.

Materials Research Society, American Academy of Arts and Sciences, American Physical Society, Sloan, Packard, etc
¡MIRA! Elected Fellows
NSF Career, PECASE, Alexander von Humboldt Senior Scientist, etc
¡MIRA! awards

Latest News

Native American Heritage Month

Native American Heritage Month

The Native American Cultural Center (NACC) has provided a home and support system for Indigenous students at NAU for the past decade.…

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Indigenous Peoples’ Day

Indigenous Peoples’ Day

¡MIRA! celebrates Indigenous Peoples’ day! Northern Arizona University sits at the base of the San Francisco Peaks on homelands sacred…

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PhD students first in NAU history to receive prestigious DOE awards

PhD students first in NAU history to receive prestigious DOE awards

Graduate students Maria Bolar (¡MIRA!) and Megan Foley are the first from Northern Arizona University to receive awards from the…

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NAU center ¡MIRA! attracts diverse students

NAU center ¡MIRA! attracts diverse students

NAU’s Center for Materials Interfaces in Research & Applications (¡MIRA!) offers a new approach to science careers. Read full article…

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