Quantum Mobile Project

¡MIRA! and the Center for Quantum Networks Project

Quantum tech will change our world. NAU is proud to be a partner institution in a new initiative to establish and lead the Center for Quantum Networks in NAU's first participation in an NSF-designated Engineering Research Center. ¡MIRA! faculty, Inès Montaño, spearheads the NAU effort.

About the Quantum Mobile Project

Using new pedagogical approaches that are conceptual in nature and applicable to a pre-college audience, our mobile quantum laboratory Quantum Mobile will be designed to bring ‘hand’s on’ quantum science experiences to schools and communities. The idea behind Quantum Mobile is to facilitate meaningful outreach that does exactly that—it reaches OUT! Traditional outreach initiatives largely rely on the participants coming to the outreach providers to be educated and thus are often limited to urban populations. Outreach efforts centered around mobile STEM laboratories have shown how to successfully promote active engagement with hands-on learning by providing students and communities alike with access to sophisticated laboratory tools and research. Similarly, Quantum Mobile will allow us to bring QISE to the participants, to schools as well as communities in general. We will first introduce the concept of Quantum Mobile in Arizona with both urban centers and many remote communities such as in Native American country. We will pilot in Arizona to allow the same outreach effort to not only impact students at inner-city schools but also students who live on reservations hundreds of miles from the nearest urban center and develop a national-wide applicable model. Quantum Mobile will also be sent to neighboring states with similar challenges such as New Mexico and Texas and used for CQN representation at minority-serving conferences, e.g., the Society for the Advancement of Chicanos/Hispanics and Native Americans in Science (SACNAS) and the American Indian Science and Engineering Society (AISES).

¡MIRA! Faculty Inès Montaño, CQN NAU Project Lead

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