¡MIRA! SCHOLARS A Materials Science Research Internship

Undergraduate Research Assistantship position, earn a competitive wage for the Spring 2022 semester, and have a career-changing experience!!

Submit your application package (requirements below) by December 10th, 2021 via email to mira@nau.edu

Join a ¡MIRA! scientists lab

Gain invaluable research experience

Work 15-20hrs/week

Project must be in Materials Science

No lab experience is required!!

All UGRAD STEM majors welcome to apply

Apply to become a SCHOLAR today!

Application requirements

1. Resume (1 page)

The application package should include your most recent CV or Resume.

Please contact the NAU Career Development office if you need help building your Resume or CV. 

2. Project Proposal (1 page)

Your written proposal should convey this information (in no particular order)

  1. Title of proposal
  2. What ¡MIRA! professor are you proposing to work with?
  3. Background of your proposed area of study (must be materials science)
  4. What are you proposing to study and why? (must be materials science)
  5. Rough discussion of how you will study that question

3. Personal Statement (1 paragraph)

  1. Why do you want to join ¡MIRA! as a student researcher?
  2. Why should you be chosen for this position?

4. Faculty mentor support confirmation

You must receive confirmation of support from the faculty that you wish to conduct research with prior to your ¡MIRA! SCHOLARS application submission. The faculty must agree that they will allow you to work on your research project in their lab.

Include in your application package an email from your faculty agreeing to support you.

Find list of ¡MIRA! professors here.